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Fast Installation
Your 1uzfe V8 could be purring away in just a couple of hours with the Venom Lexus wiring loom. Imagine, simply follow the instructions, add water, oil, fuel and turn the key! We have been modifying the Toyota crown looms both manual and automatic for 3 years now to develop this product. We hope the pictures say it all for you - but please enjoy a minute to look at the details below. If you need anything clarified, please let us know and we will be glad to help.

The 'Before' Picture
  Instead of a loom such as the one pictured here, or wasted time and the risk of expensive damge to your ECU. Why not install a professionally race proven Venom Lexus Wiring Loom?

What You Get Instead - The 'After' Picture
Plug and play wiring with instructions on how to connect it all up to your engine. The relay box has 3 connections plus some extra power and relay out puts which can be utilized for auxillarys such as spot lights and thermo fans.

Six Pin Loom Connector
  Incorporated are a 2 multi pin Internal Plugs. A 6 pin and an 8 pin plug. The 6 pin has ignition power /start power /tacho signal /water temp /oil light and a ground.

Eight Pin Loom Connector
  The 8 pin plug has connections for over drive switch /power /econ switch /and 2 relay outputs via a grounding system. This really is the easy way to get your conversion going.

Other Inclusions
  Fully fuse protected circuits. Convenient use of standard relays. Easy to program speed interface unit. (To get that shift pattern 'just right'). Both automatic and manual looms and no modification to the engine harness is required. Naturally, each loom is live tested before depatch and we build in reliability with all terminations soldered and heat-shrink insulated.

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