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You will save time and hassles building your project because our facilities and expertise allow us to fabricate components not available elsewhere.

You may have a heart and soul - fast, clean streetcar underway. Maybe you are seeking concourse show car preparation. Venom has support, fabrication, show and track tested experience to help you drive your dream.

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All Care and Fully Insured:
Life can bring unexpected changes. You can relax with your investment in our workshop because we carry full accidental insurance up to $100k for your Cobra whilst in our safe hands. At Venom Cobras we take all care and we take the same pride you have in your car in taking care of her.
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Cobra Build To Any Stage:
We build Cobras from roll-in drive out to every stage of performance and finish you can imagine.
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V8 1UZFE Lexus Wiring Looms:
Installing the Smooth 1UZFE Quad Cam Lexus V8 engine is easy! Making her run is the trick! Venom Lexus V8 wiring looms are plug and play solutions. Fit them, turn the key, they just work! Use the link in the main navigation bar (To the Left)to learn more.
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Brake Lines and Pipes:
Full brake line and pipe fabrication services. Venom Cobras go and we ensure that they stop too.
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Custom Bodywork.:
Specialist plumbing for brake cooling. Track proven spoilers. Lightweight composite panels, tilt fronts. Just ask.
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TIG/MIG Alloy & Stainless Welding :
Full in-house , Stainless Steel fabrication facilities keep specialist plumbing and structural enhancement very economical.
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Lathe Turning and Fitting:
Venom have turning and fitting facilities in house for specialist Hand crafted fittings and components.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication:
Need light weight purpose fittings for your floor pan or engine bay? Brackets or heatshields in polished alloy or stainless steel?
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Suspension and Brake Development:
Venom provides both street and racetrack tuning suspension and performance set-ups. Suspension development for all kits and suspension types. Be it GM, Ford, Jaguar or Nissan. We develop coil-over shock conversions for live axles, IRS and front ends for a really smooth ride. We are currently developing the Venom AWD Turbo Lexus Quad Cam V8 Cobra. What can we do for you?
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Annual Maintenance and Servicing:
Surprisingly? Venom provides the basics too. In the scope of project construction, once you are up and running, We provide Annual servicing and maintenance giving you the opportunity to enjoy the result and hear about new developments.
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